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Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) Guild website for The Jedi Way and The Sith Way. ... Located on the Harbinger server. Home. Guild Stuff @ knowledge is power. More. The Jedi Way. The Sith Way. Send. Contact me. ... Unlock: Inventory Module Unlock: Crew Skill Slot Customization Control: Display Titles Customization Control: Unify Colors

A Free-to-Play Player’s Guide to the Cartel Market | The Nov 15, 2012 · UPDATED: November 15th, 2012 for Patch 1.5 Welcome to the Fanatical Swordsman's Free-to-Play Player's Guide to the Cartel Market. My goal with this article is to keep the general public up-to-date on the best purchases for Free-to-Play players to make. If you plan to never spend a dime on the game, then this is not… Crew Skill - Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki Crafting skills are very specialized disciplines; for your three Crew Skills slots, you’ll be able to select one Crafting skill for your crew to master. Items you craft will have the ability to be reverse engineered. Reverse engineering is a great way to lower your crafting costs. You are refunded a fraction of the items you used, and you

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Learn all you need to know about the SWTOR crafting system. Crew skill leveling guides, complementary crew skills, mission crew skills, gathering crew skills, crafting crew skills Post Your SWTOR Friend Referral Codes Here - GameSpot Post Your SWTOR Friend Referral Codes Here ... Unlock: Crew Skill Slot; ... Please help me get a free speeder and 4 droid mini-pets in game for having 5 Subscribed friends in Star Wars: The Old ...

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Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi | Star Wars: The Old Official site. BioWare and LucasArts bring you the next evolution in MMO Gameplay: Story.

The Crew Skills system in Star Wars: The Old Republic consist of three types of skills, each with multiple focus areas: Gathering and Crafting skills are more closely related, the discoveries found during gathering tasks often being used in crafting tasks.

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